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Guide to Budget Friendly Healthy Living-Part 2

If you didn’t read part 1 of my Guide to Budget Friendly Healthy Living, you can read it here. I dove into my passionate cause about the truth about organic eating, processed foods and healthy living. Now, I’m going to give you some tips to make healthy living more budget


Most people are feeling the pinch over what has happened in our economy over the last 4 years. We went from cheap gas, way cheaper food, cheaper clothes, cheaper electricity and water, cheaper everything to this state of everything seems to be going up in price. I want to help you live a holistic healthy lifestyle like it’s 2019 again!

Let’s look at some different ideas to help you support the lifestyle you desire.

1.      Increase your income. Can you add in multiple streams of incomes?  If you have a passion, an art, a creative drive, a skill, can you offer that as freelance work, sell a product you and your family absolutely adore, offer a service, real estate, etc? Honestly, we have multiple streams of income coming in, and most of the wealthiest do. Whether that is is network marketing (I’m a part of few companies myself that I absolutely love and believe in their products and use on a daily basis), monetizing a blog, offering a niche service, writing, project managing, creating an online boutique, starting an Airbnb, etc. Consider finding something you could get lost in for hours (Courtesy of The Big Leap Book) that you can monetize.

2.      Choose less expensive grocery stores. We love Aldi, and sometimes order from Misfits Market (Their produce is hit or miss, depending on the season. If I find myself throwing out more than we are using from there, I take a break from ordering).

3.      Buy directly from farmers. It can be more economical to buy directly from the farmers, instead of third party stores, so this might be an option to consider.

4.      Supplement on a budget. You don’t and shouldn’t be taking a ton of supplements. Anything processed, ie supplements and herbal tinctures, are still processed. Minimize by getting the bulk of nutrients from your food. Organ meat, sea moss, diatomaceous earth can give people the bulk of what they need. Also, I find that by scanning my supplements into my AO Scanner and scanning every day, I don’t need my supplements everyday. By scanning or muscle testing, you can prevent taking unnecessary supplements.

5.      Ditch the gym. Unless you love it and it’s your social outlet, you can get better outcomes (I’m talking hormone balancing, weight loss, strength, stamina, and reduced anxiety and depression) by walking outside 20 minutes a day. Add in some body weight exercises, such as squats, pushups, lunges a few times a week, and you will be much healthier at a cellular level than hustling at the gym.

6.      Grow your food. I made a TikTok video last year about how I will absolutely not grow my food, and I got some attitude from the post! The REASON I said this, is because as an entrepreneur, I completely 100% love serving my clients, and I am 100% grateful of the many that support my business through appointment bookings, buying my digital books, watching my YouTube videos, etc. I’m so passionate and grateful for my business, that I look to support other small businesses, and our friends’ own a 4 season produce farm a few miles down the road from us. We love supporting their business as much as possible! And, we buy our beef and chicken from a small farm in our area. And, we purchase additional produce from a barn a few miles from us. BUT, if we didn’t have those options, growing our own food and co-owning a cow would be the next best thing.

7.      Share meals. Do you have families nearby that you can cook in bulk and share meals with? Maybe even can food together? This could be a great option for many families to share bread together!

8.      De-stress for free. Going barefoot on the grass, hugging a tree, pulling weeds, taking a bath, sitting on the ground gazing at the sun, laughing, sweating outside are the most vital, life giving activities you can do to support health, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce pain and inflammation, and energize the body.

9.      Budget friendly essential oils. Essential oils have many health benefits, and I love them for my emotional support, reducing coughing, reducing pathogens, helping with pain, etc.  I have an account with Young Living, and absolutely love the vibration of their oils. Their energy just hits differently. I can’t explain it. However, I also find that brands such as Eden’s Garden and Plant Therapy have great oils that are clean, and priced a little less. I honestly have all three brands on my shelf.

10.  DIY. What can you make that is less expensive than buying? When I wasn’t working in 2013, things were tight. Real tight. Like I don’t know how we lived without going on government assistance kinda tight. I bought castile soap in bulk and used my oils and and diluted the soap for hand soap, dish soap, body wash, shampoo, all purpose cleaning, and more. I still do this!  I used Borax and Baking Soda and soap and made my own laundry detergent. I used Apple Cider Vinegar to condition my hair. I also bought melt and pour blocks of soap and melted it and made my own bars of soap and added my own oils.

11.  Bulk up your meals. I know we talked about food yesterday, but I will say that to get the most bang for your buck, bulk up your meals with foods such as flaxseed, rice, oats, legumes, gelatin, collagen, broth, avocados, olives and quinoa.

12.  Sew/Knit/Crochet. What can you sew or make instead of buying? Last fall, I cranked out scarves instead of buying them and I knitted my own dishcloths. Can you learn how to sew your own clothes, knit or crochet items?

13.  Tallow. Tallow is amazing. Purchase locally or on Amazon, and try to buy in bulk. It is our favorite to cook with and it makes the best moisturizer.

14.  Make your own bread. There are many health benefits of making your own sourdough and it can be much more cost effective. Perhaps try making your own or bartering with a friend who does.

15.  Staycation. Instead of feeling pressure to spend lots of money on a vacation this year, plan day trips. Visit parks, city gardens, museums, farms, go camping at state parks, make pottery at a pottery studio. These activities can get you moving at a fraction of the cost, and be great for your mental health.

16.  Attend your healing appointments. Ask for shorter appointments, spaced out. The worst thing you can do is to stop attending the appointments that help you heal and feel better. For example, I offer appointments starting at $45 for shorter appointments to help those with their budgets and time constraints, as well as full hour+ appointments. Set up a routine schedule, because your mental health needs the consistency and something to look forward to but then space them out so that they fit within the budget and time constraints.

17.  Tithe. The Bible says that when we give our 10%, He will pour out blessings over us, so much so that we can’t contain them. This is my most vital way, that I am able to afford our food, supplements, appointments for our coaching, wellness and nutrition, and how we afford everything we need and want for our health.

18.  Cancel Netflix, Prime, etc. Ok, hang with me. First, you don’t have to do this!! You don’t have to do any of these!!! These are suggestions from my own life to offer ideas on how we afford a holistic, healthy lifestyle. Does Netflix, cable television, Prime Video, etc give you health? Does it provide you with emotional health? Or does it have you chasing dopamine hits but never fully getting fulfilled? If it doesn’t provide more than it’s taking, it might be worth considering canceling. Fill that time with playing games with the family, painting, drawing, reading, coloring, knitting, etc

19.  Castor Oil. Keep a big bottle of castor oil on hand. My mom grew up taking it orally for any and everything. I have never had it orally, but it does work wonders topically. Make castor oil packs, or pour some into the belly button, for an ultimate detox.

20.  Drain your lymph inexpensively. Walk, vibrate, rebound, dry brush, give yourself a lymphatic massage. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the heart so it has to be PHYSICALLY pumped. Our sedentary lifestyle is literally the worst thing you can do to shorten your lifespan. Get up every hour and stand. Walk everyday. Vibrate, rebound, dry brush. Use a guasha stone. Do something to move your lymph.

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