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Guide to Budget Friendly Healthy Living-Part 1

Updated: Mar 12

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I am making this guide because I have seen too many people feel emotionally broken from believing that if they don't eat 100% organic and remove every single toxin, they will not heal. I have seen too many people bullied into believing that if  they don’t 100% organic, if they don’t get rid of every toxin in their house and body, they will never heal.


If you have felt pressure by health coaches, social media influencers, functional doctors, or your friends and family, then this guide is for you. This is for the majority of people who aren’t and will never be perfect, but who can still heal. In other words, no one is perfect, and this guide is here for everyone be a help!

You can be your perfectly unperfect self and heal!!!

I began noticing a couple of years ago, people coming to me in tears and so upset because they were told that they had to feed their family 100% organic and if not, their family wouldn’t heal and it would be their fault because of the foods they were feeding their family. 

We must do better than this!!

This was bullying at its finest. And not true. Parents in tears because they can’t afford it and are now being shamed by someone who calls themselves a professional is not ok. Not only is it cruel, it’s not even factual. I have very strong opinions as you have probably heard on our podcast around the “natural”/”diet”/”crunchy” world using fear to sell their foods, supplements, agenda, books, coaching sessions etc. In my opinion, fear should never be used to sell something. It’s cruel and unnecessary.  I’m not sure that is more upsetting than seeing people who just want to be healed feel so defeated.

It’s also worse when what people are toldn't isn't necessarily factual. To ease your mind, the most up to date research shows that if 80% of your foods come from whole foods (organic is not specified in the research) then 20% can be whatever processed foods you want and you will still decrease all cause mortality by 40%. Now, if you have health conditions, such as insulin resistance or food intolerance, kidney failure, etc, then the 20% processed foods should still support your health and those diseases. 

It's been my heart’s cry to free every person who has been shamed into believing they have to eat 100% organic to be healthy.

Is it ok to eat organic? Absolutely! And most times, it actually tastes better.

But, you do have choice.

You can be healthy and eat within your budget!!!!!

Some colleagues and I were recently talking about the pros and cons of eating grass fed meat, and if you research the trail long enough reading the research, you will find that there really may not be any added health benefits of eating grass fed meat. In fact, that grass the cows eat, more than likely has been in contact with glyphosate, and if not that, just think about all the chemicals in the air. Those chemicals are coming in contact with that grass, organic produce, etc. I'm not saying don't eat grass fed. It tastes great, and if you like it and can afford, than eat it!

You have choice!!!

You aren’t going to be 100% toxic free, but you can live in Divine health because the Bible says so.

7 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

In my opinion, I have found the best solution for eating healthy to support my health looks like this:

1.      Eat at home, so that you are in control of oils and other ingredients used.

2.      Aim to as big of a variety of whole foods each week through salads, omelets, stews, etc. (Research shows that eating a variety of 80+ foods a year decreases all cause mortality)

3.      Choose what  you will purchase organic or conventional based on budget. If you can muscle test, even better. When you remember your body is electrical, and that everything is frequency, you will find that your body is going to choose foods based on frequency, which can look like your body wanting the conventional strawberries instead of organic ones, for example.

4.      Take TRS which helps cross the blood-brain barrier to gently detox the chemicals you are exposed to daily. (Unfortunately, we can use all the natural cleaners, natural oils, no chemicals but we will still be exposed to chemicals.)

5.      Cook foods, and bake snacks that you and your family enjoy. Life is short. Enjoy the moments with them and make those memories. My favorite recipes come from this Nutrition Coach!

6.      Pray over your food! This should have really been tip #1! It’s the most powerful thing you can do!

7.      Remember, that what you believe and think creates your reality.  

Remember, life isn't about being perfect, and it's definitely not meant to be about fretting over toxins. Do the best you can and enjoy the life you have been given!! Smile, laugh, eat good food and make memories!

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