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Visualizations with Amanda are life-changing. She has a way about her that just calms the mind and helps set the scene for you to easily feel safe. She helped me walk through my chasing energy and heal that part of me. I laughed, cried, and was smiling ear to ear when I opened my eyes. I will never forget our session and how it changed me. Thank you Amanda for sharing your gift of speech and your healing energy with me!!!

Kathryn T


The Abundance Breakthrough sessions are a MUST for any business or individual look to grow! You have to be open to receiving more out of life financially. So if you are READY to get out of the poverty mindest, this is a great start! Clear out all the mess holding you back! I will say the month I hired Amanda, my business did thousands of dollars better than our best month last year. When you clear the mess out, it makes much more room for ideas! I highly recommend the Abundance Breakthrough and Business Clearing Sessions not only for yourself but for your business!

Jessica N


I would highly recommend Amanda for Body Code. She has been absolutely wonderful in explaining everything and taking her time. You can tell that she cares about her clients and their wellness. I have done several sessions with her and I can already feel such a difference in myself mentally, spiritually, and physically. I high recommend this as part of your healing journey!

Naomi R


I want to give a huge shout out to Amanda and Jesus, of course!  So, myself, my daughter and my son just did some Body Code sessions with Amanda, and let me start by saying God uses this beautiful woman to heal you from the inside!!

My daughter had anxiety so bad she hated leaving the house and to take her children to day care.  It was a nightmare. She is now healed from all anxiety she is taking her babies to daycare 2 days a week!!!!!!!

You guys!  this is huge all her anxiety was causing her to smoke do you know she hasn't smoked since Monday??? I’m blown away!!!

Now, my son just had his done so stay tuned!

Oh, and for me I was healed from being able to know the difference between helping and being used for wrong reasons and learning to love myself for who God has made me!

May God continue to bless you Amanda!

Alisa W


"Working with Amanda using the Body Code is something that has changed my life. I have struggled for years with hypothyroidism, digestive & skin issues, and food sensitivities that my doctor couldn't help me improve. Amanda helped me to learn what my specific body needed in order to heal itself and be restored to health. I have made so much progress in the time I have worked with her and am feeling the best I have felt in 20 years. I am forever grateful!"

Christy E

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