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From Stress to Rest: Overcoming the Negative Effects of Stress for Better Sleep and More Energy

You are stressed out but you can’t pinpoint the stressor. You feel like your life is fine. You do all the things. You get through the work day, you get dinner served, kids are taken care of.


You don’t sleep 7-9 hours a night. 

You have moments of unexplained anxiety. 

You feel blah and sometimes like you aren’t yourself.

You have unexplained weight gain.

Your appetite has changed.

Your hair is falling out.

You barely have enough energy to get through the day.

When you are asked you say no because you have a great family, a nice house, bills are paid, you go on vacations, you have friends and you are involved in church.

Dear friend, you are right, but there is more to the story.

You do have a blessed life!!

But, there is something deep down that hasn’t been resolved and your mind is creating thoughts of:

What if I’m not good enough?

What if he doesn’t love me?

What if I don’t nurture my children enough?

I feel guilty for feeling overwhelmed around my children.

I feel guilty for wanting a me day. 

What if I fail? 

What if I’m rejected?

What if there is something wrong with me?

I was abandoned.

I was rejected. 

I wasn’t loved.

I didn’t feel safe.

Those stories are continuing to play in conscious and subconscious and all the emotions you felt and feel when you have those thoughts are creating this stress cocktails in your body. 

Now, you have unexplained hormone imbalance.

You have autoimmune flareups.

Your insulin resistance is out of control.

You have digestive issues. 

You have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. 

You have chronic fatigue.

You have food sensitivity.

You have been offered two options: pharmaceuticals and supplements.

Neither are making that big of a difference.

Because they aren’t supposed to!!

They can’t correct your insides!! And this my friend is the result of an inside job. 

Over the past 10 years, I have helped many women and men and children overcome their stress levels, harmonize their bodies and emotions  in my private practice of using Emotion Code, Body Code and life coaching. With adding in Inner Voice and AO Scanning, we are seeing results happen much faster. 

In just 21 days of Inner Voice alone, we are seeing:

  • 48% improvement in fatigue/sleep

• 70% improvement in depression

• 52% improvement in pain

• 67% improvement in anxiety/stress

What would it be like for you to press play before bed for 5 minutes and decrease anxiety and depression and pain and to sleep better? 

If you are ready to sleep better, have better hormones, feel better emotionally, I can help you. 

Book your introductory inner voice scan , and let’s you get feeling better and creating happier hormone cocktails! 

*Inner Voice scans are relevant for 7 days.

*Best results come from scanning daily and creating a daily Inner Voice Recording.

*Complimentary inner voice scans are available 1 per person.

Book additional Inner Voice Therapy Scans here:

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