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Ditch the Chemicals: Weight Loss

Welcome to my series, Ditch the Chemicals! I will be sharing tips with you this year on ways to ditch the chemicals in your body and home! I'm excited you popped in to read about all things health and organic living and all the good stuff. I have so many topics I want to share with you, but first I am starting off with some that have been requested by my tribe.

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Anyway, the first topic was the most popular request. What was it? Yep, weight loss, of course!

The age old question. We all want to know the secret of weight loss. If it were as simple as a magic pill, I think I would be a trillionaire. But, it is not that simple. The most complicated barriers tend to come from toxins, trapped emotions, inherited energies, eating the wrong foods for your body, faulty mindsets and beliefs and imbalanced hormones and gut.

Weight loss is complex, and I can help you get to the underlying reason that you aren't releasing weight but it will be individualized answer. Click HERE to access Unlock Your Freedom Program and learn more about how you can get to the emotional and spiritual root of your weight issues.

In this program you will learn what the Bible says about food and dieting, how to fall in love with yourself again, how to renew your mind in the Word, and heal from within, all while establishing boundaries for your health.

Today, I'm going to share some general tips to help you get started on your health journey:

Weight Loss Tips

  1. Ditch the food dyes, chemicals, and preservatives. Throw out all the processed fake foods, the junk foods, and replace with real foods. Eat grass fed meats, nitrate free lunch meat, leafy greens, root veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted greens and seeds.

  2. Ditch the soda and sweet tea and energy drinks. Drink water. Lots of good, filtered water. Infuse it with fruit for added enzymes.

  3. Ditch the clock. Eat only when hungry. Stop eating by a clock and wait for true hunger. Usually, you will feel a growl or stomach acid releasing. Trust me, when you wait for real hunger, you will know it. You will probably find that you will begin to intermittently fast for 14-16 hours naturally.

  4. Ditch the fake supplements that are full of fillers. Incorporate herbs such as Gut Health Oil, Candida Cleanse into your daily routine. You can find both of these here at my Affiliate link: Click here for Earthley products. Incorporate vitamins and anti-oxidant support by taking Nourish Her Naturally and Super Foods Powder. You can find these here.

  5. Ditch caffeine addiction. If you must have caffeine, stop drinking it by 7am.

  6. Ditch the "I Don't Need Sleep" Belief. Get enough sleep. Stop trying to do it all and turn your phone on do not disturb, unplug at night and make sure you get enough restful, deep sleep at night.

  7. Ditch the couch. Start moving. Find something you enjoy doing that incorporates movement and do that 3-5 times per week. I personally enjoy aqua fitness and swimming and ESSENTRICS. You can do ESSENTRICS from your living room which makes it convenient. Learn more about ESSENTRICS here.

  8. Ditch the snooze button. Start your day on the right foot. Incorporate prayer and meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and journaling every morning upon waking.

So, there you have it. No diets. No "approved" diet foods. No cheat days. No counting macros, calories. Keep it simple and live a life that supports your body's health.

I'm ready to Unlock my Freedom!

Schedule your FREE consultation HERE!

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