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Hi! I’m Amanda and I’m the founder and CEO of Amanda Surratt, LLC. I started with getting my BS in Psychology in 2002 because I wanted to help people and along the way I became obeas, chronically ill, over stressed, over worked, anxious, depressed and constantly fatigued and in pain. In the process of looking for an alternative route to heal myself, I became. Holistic Life Coach, Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, a Plant Based Nutrition Coach and a Trauma Trained Specialist. I took the tools that work and healed my body which has led me to a very successful practice of helping others heal from the inside out, spiritually, physically and financially.

I love Jesus, and am a wifey to Eric and we have a fur baby, GiGi, who is the muse of our made in the USA sock brand, GiGi sox.

I love studying the power of plants and oils and crystals, God’s gifts here on earth for us, and I love raw juicing, gardening, reading, and binge watching Hallmark movies.

Amanda Surratt

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