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Your Health is an Investment Not an Expense

When I started my health journey, I realized one true statement. I could budget for health or I could budget for sickness. The choice was mine.

I hear people say that it’s too expensive to follow a healthy lifestyle. Friend, being sick is very expensive over time. It not only costs you, but it costs your employers, your community and your society. It drives up the cost of health care, productivity is reduced, and it leaves a footprint.

When I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I changed things up. Instead of spending money on frivolous things, such as gas station snacks, prepackaged foods, takeout, excess clothes, home decor, movies, etc, things that just weren't a necessity, I chose MY health. I put me first over things that are short term pleasure. I stopped the retail therapy train, and I got off.

I started with budgeting for food (not really more expensive than constant take out and junk food), real food with real ingredients that I could pronounce and spell. I budgeted for high end supplements which worked out evenly since I went off medications.

I budgeted for Emotion/Body Code sessions, massage, workouts, etc.

My budget became bills and the necessities to kick the PCOS, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, anxiety, depression, ADD in the butt. Was it always easy? No way. There was a time when hubby and I lived off just a little over minimum wage, with no government assistance. But we still managed to eat real food. Not the processed stuff from the chain stores. 

I would rather have my health than the latest outfit, cell phone, movie, vacation, manicure, etc. because I’m worth it. My health is worth it. My marriage is worth it. 

What about you?

How much do you value you?

How much does your family deserve the best you?

What can you do right now to invest in your health?

Take some time and pray and look over your budget. Where is the fat in your budget? When you trim the fat, how much do you have extra? What are the healing tools God has been nudging you to but you didn't think you could afford? 

Make a plan and start following that budget today.

Once you have enough saved, start investing in YOU. 

You are worth it. 

You are worth the investment.

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