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"You Have Too Much Weight to Lose to Eat a Banana"....and Other Lies We've Been Told

Updated: Jan 8

Recently, in a coaching session (yes! Practitioners need coaching too!), it came up that a part of my journey with eating healthy was it had become robotic. There were so many items removed, and I didn’t complain once. I have eaten my meals with gratitude and diligence and met my macro goal for fuel, but not from a place of being lit up. 

She asked me what my favorite food is, and I answered pizza. She asked when the last time I ate pizza was, and I teared up. It’s my favorite food and we ate it at this place that makes their own crust and it’s literally the best pizza you will ever have, but I hadn't had it in over a year, and when I had eaten it, I had eaten it from a place of guilt and shame. “This was bad and I was bad for having them.” was the thought I remember having every time I ate it. I would even think about who would be judging me because it had carbs, or who would judge me because I had weight to release, or who would judge me that it wasn't organic, or it wasn't this or that. I was in a head space of guilt and shame and was so hard on myself.

It’s recently come up in my sessions with my coach some of the memories I had suppressed that were spoken to me by a former trainer. I wasn’t allowed to eat a bagel or banana. Those were too “fattening” and I had too much weight to lose to “go off course of my nutritional plan”. 

The truth is someone with insulin resistance can have a banana. You just get to have it in a magical way that your body wants it. When you eat it, paired with protein and fiber, such as flax seed, your body will magically support this and will be very kind to you.

And, the truth is you can have a bagel too! I have since learned the trick to have a bagel and be in optimal health!

Let me stop right there though and let me say something. Be mindful of who you hire to work with you. If you have experienced issues such as insulin resistance or PCOS or thyroid issues or Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue, POTS, unexplained obesity…hire someone who has experienced it and who has come through the other side. If you have ever had any experience of these symptoms, working with someone who hasn't experienced them will not be a good fit. And, yes, my body made me fire her. It literally got sicker and sicker until I stopped going. Then I started healing. The body always speaks and it's always looking out for us!

Anyway, my coach stopped me and said “that’s your new goal. You are going to eat pizza this week.” Wait what?!?! You know what the first thought I had was? “I’m not worthy to eat something I like. My body isn’t healed enough or ready”. Yep, I had some healing to do. 

We made a plan of how I would make my pizza at home and then when we got off our call, I did a healing session on myself and released the old beliefs and emotions and, I created a new belief around the thought "I get to have a satisfaction meal and be in the best health!"

It worked! 

I made my pizza, and it was delicious!

I weighed the next morning and I was down a half pound and no inflammation!!!

See below the video I made about my pizza that I made! It was so good that even my hubby liked it! 

It is always amazing what comes up on our health journey.

Every stumble, every hurt, every setback is a lesson.

Every lesson makes the triumphs that much sweeter, the gratitude much more rewarding and the love more fulfilling!

Are you willing to discover what the lesson is in your own life and heal it? Perhaps it is dieting "trauma" or something else.

Comment below with your favorite food and how you have perfected it for your body type!

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Much Love,

Amanda Surratt, BS, CECP, CBCP, CHLC, CHHC

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