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What Can the AO Mobile Scan Do For You?

What has the AO done for me over the few weeks of scanning?

  • My digestion has improved considerably

  • I am having more energy, mentally and physically

  • I feel like I got my best version of myself back, after some health setbacks

  • My body moved out of fight or flight and internally feeling anxious to more peace and calmness

  • With just a 10 second scan a few times a day, I know exactly what supplements to give myself and Eric

  • I shifted from EBV and Insulin resistance imbalances to those indicators coming back to normal

  • I’m getting to know my body better and seeing patterns and understanding how to support my body emotionally and nutritionally

  • I am more emotionally regulated and confident

Once only available for $38,000- this biohacking, quantum wellness device was found in practitioners offices and doctors offices. But now, for just a fraction of the cost it has been made available as a virtual, quantum wellness center that you can have in your own home.

Bioresonance scanning

Full body optimization

Frequency generator

Bring the body back to homeostasis

Address root causes

Get real time education on the energetic state of your blood biology, DNA, mitochondria, organs, systems, structures… everything. Even your meridians!

Create sound therapy tailored to your current needs.

Make your own homeopathic remedies and flower remedies….

It’s a dream come true for those of us who want to have the power to take our health back into our own hands.

I feel like I got my best version of myself back.

If you’ve been wanting to:

Educate yourself on your body and what’s going on in the inside

Know exactly what supplements your body ACTUALLY needs

Support your entire family

Have a tool that can help you address symptoms, aches, pains, and other imbalances

and get back to homeostasis

Then the AO Scan Mobile is for you

Start with your scheduling your complimentary Inner Voice AO Scan by clicking here:

Download my free guide to you to learn more about the AO Scan:

AO SCAN- Digital Shareable Amanda S (1)
Download PDF • 1.97MB

Learn more about AO Scan and this breakthrough technology here:

Have you had a free AO scan and are now interested in booking a a Inner Voice scan or a full comprehensive scan? Book here to get started:

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I would love to help you have the tools in your own hands to take your health and abundance back.



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