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I help many amazing people, such as yourself, who are stuck emotionally, physically and/or mentally get unstuck. I help you find your joy and your peace and your passion in life. I help you overcome those pesky obstacles that have made a wellness journey so challenging. You've tried it all. The diets, the self-help books, the promises, the workshops, the Rx. All of it. Cures are promised but nothing seems to give. I understand how you are feeling right now. I get the frustration, the "something must be wrong with me", the deep sadness, the hopelessness. "Nothing is working so there must be something wrong with me." Friend, I've been there. I know the pain, the helplessness, the questioning God of why He isn't taking all of it away. As someone who has lived this story, lived this questions, lived the frustration, I understand. I not only have my own story of redemption. I've been healed of obesity, ADD, depression, anxiety, PCOS, Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, helplessness, anger, hurt, and I have healed from abusive relationships, and after 12 years of serving my clients as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Body Code Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach and Certified Trauma Specialist, I have helped many other women, men, children and animals heal and overcome their own battles and walk into a triumphant, abundant life through my faith-based approach and techniques. Your story isn't over. It's just the beginning of your victory.

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