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The Planner That Changed Everything

Read on to learn how I manage my businesses, run a household and keep it all together...

6 years ago, I said “yes” to my health. What I thought was a simple 3 week detox, turned into a 180*change in my entire life. You see, my food choices did need to change. I did need to work out. I did need to burn fat and build muscle.

But, when I said yes to my health, I had no idea that I was saying yes to living. I found myself surrounded by others who said yes to it all. Yes to hope. Yes to love. Yes to increased finances. Yes to fun. Yes to freedom. 

Yes. Yes to everything.

Yes, to starting a business. 

Yes, to following a dream.

Yes, to creating meals at home.

Yes, to budgeting and saving.

Yes, to creativity.

Yes, to health.

I found myself not only losing weight, but I also found myself building several businesses. I found myself pursuing hobbies. I found myself planning and preparing meals at home. 

6 years later...

I am living this amazing ideal life. I released a lot of weight, over 90 pounds, and I maintain a health lifestyle. I prepare and eat pleaser foods. I cook from scratch. I juice. I make smoothies.

I own and operate GiGi sox with my BFF, along with my healing practice that I created at Amanda Surratt, LLC. In addition, I do corporate trainings and consulting and coach businesses at The Abundance Institute, a gift from God He gave me to serve many business owners. I do things that I am passionate about and generate multiple streams of income in areas that I love. I literally DO ALL THE THINGS!

I follow a budget and am prepping for retirement.

I pursue hobbies, like swimming, reading, gardening, fermenting, homesteading. I get lost in Canva on the weekends because I love colors and words and creativity!

I work on my internal self every morning through devotional time in the Word, through reading personal development books, through prayer and meditation and visualization.

I do it all and I am living my best self. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

How do I do it all?

This planner right here, y’all. There is literally not another planner for sale that compares. Trust me, I did my research and I do it every year. This year, hubby asked why I was wasting my time looking for planners when there isn’t one that is like the Living Well Planner. Hubby, you are right!

It gives me pages for monthly and annual goal development. It gives me motivational quotes and cute stickers. It gives me an hour by hour daily planner schedule, which I have to have to manage my businesses and job and hobbies and dates and appointments. It gives me a monthly place to throw things in until I plan my weeks. It gives me my pages of budgeting every cent. It gives me places to write what I’m grateful for. It gives me a place to plan our meals.

It is what keeps me together. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I’m starting my 5th Living Well Planner in 2021 and I can’t say enough about how much I love this Planner.

Enough about me, though!

What about you?

What's your story? What purpose are you living out? What is your passion?

I would love to hear more about your projects and goals!

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