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The Doctors Said I'd Never Heal

They Said I'd Never Heal....

Have you heard that too? Have you been told by well meaning physicians, nutritionists, etc that you would never heal? Never lose weight? Never get off medications? Are you like me, and was told that not only would I never get better, that I would never lose weight, but that I would actually get worse as I got older? Yes, welcome to my unicorn tribe. Friend, you are in the right place. 

How did you react? I stopped caring. I ate whatever tasted good, I didn't work out because my body hurt too badly and felt like I was weighted down in concrete. Oh, I take that back. During the picture on the left, around age 28, I did hire a trainer. But, he too, told me, I wouldn't lose all the weight I wanted to, so, again, spirit crushed, and I never gave it my all.

I was told I would be diabetic by 35, have heart disease, and be obese. I lived a self-destructive lifestyle. You know, the one where you eat fast food, tons of chips and queso, emotionally eat ice cream and cake, and everything breaded and fried? Yep, that was me.

I didn't realize how much food affected my mood and health. I just wanted to be like everyone else. Eat all those foods AND be skinny. If those people exist, oh wait, they do! My husband is that person, but after many years, I realized I am not that person.

When I got tired of being sick and tired, I began making changes. They actually started with Emotion and Body Code sessions as a recipient. That led me to having toxins released, emotions released, and learning what my body wanted. That eventually led to body love and intuitive eating, and learning how to care for my body.

My path wasn't straight. It still isn't. My path to health has always included curves, and hills, and lots of battles. I'm like an addict. Every day, I wake up and choose recovery or I don't. It's my choice, but it's also my choice. There is hope and victory in that. A medical diagnosis does not bully me or hold me hostage any longer.

I've shed 80+ pounds, my hormones are perfect, I'm no longer in pain, and I feel good. Most importantly, I feel good on the inside. I have hope and joy and confidence again. Life is good.

BTW, if you are wondering, the picture on the left, I'm around 27-28 (I had such horrible brain fog that I don't even remember this picture being taken), trying to hide behind a lot of makeup and big clothes. The picture on the right, is me, currently, 4 months from turning the BIG 40 and completely makeup free.

Does this story resonate with you? Are you wanting help so you can proclaim loudly your big transformation story? I would love to help you achieve all of your goals so that you can shout from the roof tops, "I DID IT!!!!! I'M HEALED!!! I'M WHOLE!!!!! I FEEL AMAZING!!!!"

"I did it! I'm healed!! I'm whole! I feel amazing!!!!!

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