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Reset Your Alkalinity With This Easy Trick

Many times we can become acidic through diet, stress, exposure to toxins, and it can cause disease. A standard American diet (SAD) is an easy way to stay acidic, which causes all kinds of medical conditions in our bodies. We want to avoid this as much as possible to prevent disease.

You may have gotten your session with me, and I found you were acidic, and helped you clear the energies surrounding why you were acidic. That is a great moment, isn't it?! We all love healing! But I want to also share this tip to help you continue on your health journey so that you can stay in a healthy, alkaline state. And, one way to do this is by drinking lemon water every morning right after waking up, before any caffeine. I like to drink it while I am praying and meditating and reading my devotions.

I like to keep a bag of lemons in the kitchen at all times, so that in the mornings, I know I already have lemons. I cut up a lemon, squeeze it into a glass of water, and add my Himalayan salt and stir and drink. Try doing this daily for strong health and alkalinity.

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