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PCOS Awareness Month

I remember being the girl on my left vividly. I was in my 20's, and it should have been the prime of my life. I should have had energy for days, this extremely high metabolism, be able to eat what I wanted, feel good, have confidence, and rock my life...

Except that wasn't me at all. I started my period the day before I turned 10, lived in embarrassment every month as I had to take my pad to the bathroom in elementary school and middle school each month of my period. I developed facial hair as a teenager and felt like a total freak. I had acne from elementary and on, and spent a lot of time at the dermatologist. In my teens, I struggled with weight and dieted to the point of starvation. I had mood swings from hell, and my cramps felt like aliens had overtaken my body and were killing me from the inside out.

In my 20's, my weight ballooned and I stopped caring. I ate whatever I wanted because food was my only joy in life. I hated life, and I felt like life sucked. I had an overly stressful job, in which I struggled to keep boundaries because of low self esteem, and this made things worse. Sometimes, I bled for months and months and it made me so sick. I felt like a freak, like I was the only girl who dealt with this really ugly syndrome, while all the pretty girls ate whatever  they wanted and looked amazing and didn't deal with facial hair, irregular periods, depression, anxiety, obesity, fatigue, severe cramps that shot pain down their legs, irritability, food cravings, and just plain so sick that you can't get out of bed.

The girl on the left was living this horribly sick and uncomfortable life, and it just seemed to get worse. And honestly, the worse it got, the worse I took care of myself, or didn't actually take care of myself. I remember being at work, pain was at a 10/10 with all of my symptoms of PCOS, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, ADD, depression, anxiety, etc, and I decided I was going to get weight loss surgery. I began looking at it, and considered the sleeve and signed up for a informational class.

YA'LL.... I am soooooooooo glad I did not attend that class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad, that something turned me away. I don't even remember why I changed my mind. Someone probably talked me out of it, because at that point in my life, I just did what others told me to do or not do. Whoever or whatever, I thank my God right now that I didn't go down that path.

Now, if you had surgery, there is no judgement coming from me. Each does the right path for them. This is in NO WAY shaming anyone who opted that route. I am cheering you on and rejoicing in your recovery.

But, for me, my whole life has been from the months I almost died in my mom's womb, to this point at 40, has been a uphill of battles. I have felt defeated, I have fought harder than has always been more difficult, and the fact that I dug in, and beat PCOS is MY TROPHY. I did it. I defied the odds, and I beat PCOS. Every doctor told me I wouldn't. Every nutritionists said I wouldn't. I even had trainers tell me my goals were too high.


I am glad that I took charge of my health, and allowed God to direct me to the healing tools to recover. PCOS is not a disease. It's a lifestyle crisis.  It's your body's way of saying you have trapped energies, you have toxins in your fat cells, your hormones aren't optimal, and you aren't eating the right foods or nourishing your body the way it needs.

THIS. This is why I am so passionate about helping you and ladies all over the world heal from PCOS. It's not your fault. Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Enviro have led you to poisoning your body, and you have emotions, probably a lot of inherited emotions that are stuck and they just need to be released. 

You can heal. Your story isn't over. You can start right now.

Would you like me to help you be the CHAMPION in your own story?

Would you like to tell the world you beat it naturally?

You can!!! It's possible!!! 

AND, the beauty is you can heal all of your symptoms, from the inside out, without a diet, without shakes and pills and wraps, without an excessive workout plan. There is none of that in my healing sessions with you.

I will help you heal by rebalancing your body systems, organs, glands, and by removing toxins and trapped emotions and will rebalance your hormones energetically, and help you find a tailored life plan that your body wants.

 I am here to help support and guide you into the BIG VICTORY in your health.

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