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Overnight Chia Pudding

The Chia Pudding Simple Recipe

2 tablespoons chia seeds Chia seeds go a long (long!) way after an overnight soak. This will give you 11 grams of fibert + 1 cup of NUT ‘milk’ Our favorite here will forever be coconut milk, as it lends some natural sweetness to the chia pudding. Having said that, simply use whatever you would like to: almond, walnut, oat, hemp milk. + sweetener (optional) Choose your sweetener to add based on how sweet you want it. We prefer agave syrup or date syrup as a alkaline sweetener, but sometimes, we use raw local honey or maple syrup. + toppings

(optional) i.e. the fun part! Add fresh berries or chopped dates, hemp seeds, burro banana, kiwi, mango, vanilla extract, cocoa/cacao powder, cacoa nibs, carob chips, etc. The sky's the limit so have fun with creating lots of flavors!


  • Mix chia seeds with your chosen milk (very thoroughly!), cover and refrigerate overnight.

  • Add more liquid as needed to reach desired consistency (optional). Sweeten to taste and serve with toppings of choice.

  • Chia pudding can be kept refrigerated in an airtight container for up to a week (i.e. it's ideal for meal prepping!).

NOTES *If using canned coconut milk (the very thick full-fat kind), you only need to use a couple tablespoons diluted in water. **I know some of you have voiced that 2 tablespoons of chia seeds results in a runny pudding (that hasn't been the case for me... and many of you either!). This could be due to a variation in seeds, so feel free to add up to 3 tablespoons ;)! Oh, and make sure you're whisking thoroughly to ensure even absorption.

More Combination Ideas

  • Green tea matcha + macadamia milk + raspberries

  • Cocoa + hazelnuts + almond milk

  • Cocoa + almond milk + raspberries

  • Strawberries + coconut yogurt + almond milk

  • Cashew milk + fresh blueberries + coconut flakes

  • Coconut milk + lime juice

  • Almond butter + berries + coconut flakes

  • Peanut butter + cocoa + almond milk

  • Peanut butter + raspberries

  • Mango + coconut milk + unsweetened shredded coconut

  • Walnut butter + hemp milk + kiwi

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