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Intuitive Root Cause Healing

Updated: Jan 8

You’ve been wanting answers.

You aren't sure how to navigate these questions but you feel them rolling around in your soul creating turmoil:

  • Why do you have these trauma responses?

  • Why does your mind always go there?

  • Why does your body react the way it does?

You put on a smile for everyone and look happy on the outside but deep down, something feels off. If this is you, I have 5 tips to help to begin to unwind the ball of trauma.

Here are 5 tips to begin unwinding this ball of trauma:

1. Regulate your nervous system through methods such as prayer, neuroplasticity, grounding, cold therapy, sauna, rebounding, somatic release.

2. Notice what triggers you and the thoughts you have around that trigger.

3. Ask yourself "What do I need to shift this?" and listen to your body for the response.

4. Use visualization to help you move through the process.

5. Work with a professional, as often times, it takes a professional to help you find the hidden trauma energy that has been tucked deeply away. Qquite honestly, it's less scary to work through this when you aren't alone.

Remember, much of the energy you are working with can be anywhere from 10-30+ generations old. This is on top of the experiences you may have had and didn't know how to process.

Give yourself time. Do the work every day.

Show up weekly to work with your practitioner.

Go all in.

Do the work, even when it's hard or uncomfortable.

Give yourself grace.

Learn more about how you can energetically heal from the root causes by scheduling your Discovery Call with me. In 15 minutes, we can map out a plan to help you resolve this.

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