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I received my session. Now what?

Congrats! You started your healing journey by taking the first steps to health through Body Code. Everyone's processing can look very different, and range in length, but there are some things you can do to support your body as it peels back layers of the onion to bring you your BEST YOU!

Whether you are my veteran client and a regular or you are brand new to healing, you can equally follow these quick and easy steps to begin your Body Code Healing.

Healing is about being intentional, believing you have the right to heal, and allowing your body to heal from the cellular level.

Follow these steps below to continue the healing process:

Step 1:

Spend time in prayer. Not like our typical prayers of "God will you send me this or do that for me?", but prayers of worship and adoration. Get quiet and listen to His Spirit. Allow yourself to be embraced in His peace. Surrender in to that sweet space of knowing you are His, you are safe and protected, and He wants to do nothing more than love on you and woo you in His presence.

Step 2:

Shield yourself. Watch this video below and learn how you can shield yourself. I like to shield myself in Jesus' name because I believe there is greater power when we do things in Jesus' name. Set a daily intention of shielding every are of your life through Him and accept the angels to work on your behalf too, protecting you.

Step 3:

Write and Burn. Write out what you have been hiding deep down. Write down those thoughts and feelings. Don't judge them. Just write and write and write. Write it all out. Then burn it. Burn it and let it permanently release. Remember, we just cleared many emotions and beliefs and offensive energy at the cellular level. As thoughts and emotions come out through the processing, you don't want to stuff them back down. They will cause disease and issues in your body. This writing exercise will help your body continuing processing through what we released.

Step 4:

Go outside to the grass and go barefooted on the ground for 5-10 minutes. Stand or sit and allow the energy of the earth to help you heal, in a modality called, "Earthing".  Direct contact with the earth gives you energy, reduces inflammation, and helps with moods and sleep. 

You can learn more about Earthing, by clicking HERE.

Other helpful hints

Remember to drink plenty of good, filtered water. Many of my clients, and myself included, find that we absorb water better and tend to be less hydrated by drinking Pi-Mag water. You can order it here:

The use of epsom salt detox baths, essential oils, herbs and superfoods can also be very helpful

Keep an intention that you are supporting and nourishing your body through your thoughts, emotions, movement, water and food.

I thank you for allowing me to serve you on your healing journey!

Your miraculous healing is beautiful!

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