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Healing Trauma

You put a fake smile on your face everyday. You fake it until you make it. You’ve said out loud a hundred times “I forgive…” You don’t have the right to feel angry or hate to the person who traumatized you, especially as a Christian, so you pretend it’s all ok and you keep going to church every Sunday, smiling, serving while deep, deep down the emotions you have stuffed and tried to hide are still there. You keep quoting Scripture. You tell everyone you are always just fine. You grin and bear it. You tell yourself good Christians don’t feel those emotions. You tell yourself, as a Christian, you don’t have the right to be angry, sad, hurt, fearful, etc.

You tell yourself you got over that event that hurt you yet deep down if you ever stop and pause and remember, the emotions come flooding back. Those emotions you have been hiding in the deepest parts of your soul, the ones no one can ever know about or you might just not be that perfect person you need people to believe you are, are still those.

You pretend you are ok but you you aren’t.

You keep saying you’re fine. You healed from it. You really did. That’s what you keep telling yourself.

Except, you are on medications. You have _____ disease. You keep getting headaches, muscle spasms, bloating, reflux, inflammation, etc.

You aren’t fine. Not yet.

You can be but until you go back and release the true cause, you are not fine.

Your physical symptoms are caused by your body’s state of having frozen. The emotions you pretend aren’t there have been trapped in your body for years taking up space in your cells, creating disease in the body.

This is where I come in.

I find those decades old emotions and beliefs and toxins that no longer serve you.

I release them in seconds.

Instantly, you can remember that horrific traumatic event without feeling those emotions you have been trying to hide and suppress.

You heal the cells of your body which in turn heals all those medical issues you have had.

You fee lighter. Calmer. Peace. Hopeful. Love. Forgiveness.

It all flows effortlessly now.

It’s easy. It’s permanent. It works.

What would it do for you to stop having to wear a fake smile and to glow with natural joy and excitement and love oozing through your smile?

What would it do for you to have your health conditions ease up and your body heal itself?

What would it do for you to think about that trauma with peace and gratitude?

If this is what you have been looking for, come join my tribe at Mental Renewal (Body + Soul) and learn how you can heal yourself from within.

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