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Happy National Pumpkin 🎃 Day

Happy National Pumpkin 🎃 Day!!

I love cooking pumpkin🎃. We purchase our pumpkins from our friends’ farm here locally, but I am not opposed to using canned organic pumpkin. Let’s be real. It’s a lot easier to use organic canned pumpkin!! Thank you to all the pumpkin workers out there!!

Pumpkins are this amazing versatile superfood. You can juice them, bake them, use them in baked goods, make soups, etc.

Pumpkin has a lot of health benefits as well. So it’s a win win!

I’m sharing my most favorite unicorn like pumpkin muffin recipe ever with you today because you are my tribe and you have to try this!

My BFF made these for my 40th birthday and now I make them routinely!! If I had time, I would make them weekly!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!

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