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From Religious Poverty to Abundantly Blessed by God

Growing up, it was modeled to be thankful for what we had, but in Christian circles, I never saw people pursuing their God given talents, creating powerful businesses, making an impact with their careers and successes.

I actually was taught that God calls everyone to be a pastor, teacher, or stay at home mom. Anything else was worldly and outside the will of God.

I never bought in the narrative, and questioned everything and thought for myself, but even those acts of thinking for myself, and questioning seemed rebellious in the religious world. God gave us talents, interests, skills, and passions but pursuing those were deemed ungodly.

I was torn, and it wrecked my self esteem, self worth, and I believed I was unworthy because of it.

Fast forward to my late 20’s. I’m in a career as a Director in a Fortune 500 company and hating every second of it. The atmosphere was toxic, I was constantly anxious, and felt intense pressure to perform at a high level that didn’t correlate with my health capabilities.

I was miserable, always anxious, stressed to the max, unhappy, and in the high-level job still living paycheck to paycheck without any form of an emergency savings account. I had school loan debt, and other bills that had me feeling trapped. And what if I got fired? How would I survive? (This corporation was constantly firing and downsizing and you never knew who was going to be downsized next).

Not only did I have this mental pressure and stress and anxiety of using my degree for a job that I didn’t like, in a toxic company, I weighed 226 pounds at 5’2”, and had a long list of health conditions. High stress, toxic job, debt, poor nutrition, toxic exposure, trapped emotions and I was a perfect storm of a hot mess.

There had to be something better than this. If not, I felt like I was ready to die in my 20’s because this current life was more than I could handle.

I began reading about integrative health, found Emotion Code and Body Code and slowly began healing internally and physically. I had a health coach briefly, and my thought after my session was I could do a better job than she did. I knew more already about holistic health than she did and I had a passion for finding the code to healing. I had spent the last 3 years in my toxic horrible state reading everything I could on alternative and natural healing.

I looked like a hot mess, and I was a hot mess, but learning about holistic health sparked a little fire inside me.

I remember telling someone I knew that it sounded ridiculous and I knew I was morbidly obese with a ton of medical problems, but I wanted to help others heal. I wanted to leave my job and become a health coach. I wanted to take people by the hand and offer them hope and a solution to all of their problems.

She smirked. And that’s ok. I didn’t expect anything different.

Luckily for me, I’m as stubborn as a mule and I didn’t let the criticism dim my spark. It was barely there as it was, but I held out hope.

I spent a lot of years healing, using Emotion Code and Body Code, plant based nutrition, movement, plants and essential oils to heal. As I healed, the biggest takeaway, as I began to shift my mindset, my thoughts and emotions.

I transformed from the person who believed she was unworthy, and worthless whose bank account and career reflected that to a person who knows exactly who she is in Christ: worthy, valuable, righteous, redeemed, powerful, excellent in all ways, intelligent and wise with the mind of Christ. As I believed this, my career and bank account shifted to reflect this.

Instead of anxiety and panic attacks, there is confidence and peace. Instead of how will I pay that next bill, there is a millionaire system in place to tell my money where to go. Instead of the what if’s, there’s the “Ok, God, let’s leap to the next thing you have for me.” Instead of, “Will I be the next to be downsized, it’s how big do I want to grow my business this month, and who will I employ next?”

Instead of hopeless there’s belief.

Instead of crippled fear there’s leaping into the unknown.

Instead of, “How will I pay my next bill?” there is “How quickly can I give my tithes and offerings and save toward the next big project?

Instead of sickness there is Divine health everyday.

Instead of lack, there is so much I can barely contain it all.

Instead of isolation and loneliness, I’m surrounded by masterminds.

Instead of low self-esteem, there is confident persistence.

Here’s what I need you to know:

God delights in your prosperity. He gives you power to get wealth so that He may establish His covenant upon the earth.

He has a next-level plan for your life that far exceeds your expectations.

He gave you that passion, that skill, that interest, that talent for a reason and He delights in you using it.

All career paths are ministry. You are the minister so wherever He leads you, that is your ministry.

He rewards those who tithe and bless.

He likes blessing you. You are His child.

If this resonates with you, I would like give you access to my free video on Scripture Affirmations for Success and give you a FREE True Abundance Analysis to help you determine what level of abundance you are calibrating at. Does that interest you?

Is this something we can do together?

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