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Flu and Cold Prevention

Viruses are a hot topic right now. A year ago, it was the flu. The deaths around flu are extremely sad, which is why I speak out so loudly and educate on taking care of your body NOW before it has a chance to get sick. This year, there has been a enormous amount of fear around a virus that has a 99%+ recovery rate. The death rate has stayed at around .3% overall, as numbers have been cleaned up. I do not take any death lightly. Please know my heart. Flu, heart disease, and obesity kill more people every year than this virus has, which is one of the EXACT reasons why I'm a Body Code Practitioner. I'm on a mission to help each person heal and take charge of their health and walk in FREEDOM and LOVE. Fear and love can co-exist and fear breeds disease.

My mission has always been to help people heal and MAINTAIN their health. It's why I do what I do. It's why I help you release what has caused symptoms and help you develop a tailored wellness plan in Your Best Self: Freedom Living and Life Flow to help you maintain health and prevent sickness and disease. My goal is your optimal health and wellness.

My prayer has been that those who are TRULY afraid of a virus that kills fewer people than the flu and other diseases, have, have used this fear and channeled it into a wake up call for their health.

Our unique health is our unique responsibility.

Did you catch that? Hang with me. According to WHO, approximately 97% of worldwide disease is caused by LIFESTYLE. Lifestyle. Not catching things. Not genetics. Lifestyle. This means that if we get sick, there is a strong chance that is was due to our thoughts, trapped emotions, toxins and how we have treated our body.


This means you stand a strong chance of preventing disease and sickness through supporting your body with regular Body Code sessions, nutrition, herbs, good clean water, movement, oils, and other natural healing modalities.

Two years ago...

I'm going to share an old blog I wrote last year about my own healing experience from two years ago:

"Last year on a Friday, for the first time ever, I beat a sinus infection without getting an antibiotic and I stayed well, and have continued to stay well. I wanna share my secrets with you, so you can avoid those pesky sinus infections, or, at least, knock them out quickly without an antibiotic.

Right after the hurricanes, out of no where, I went from starting to feel a little congested to a few hours later, it all went down hill. Throat hurt, stuffy nose, my sinus passages were inflamed, and I had horrific flu-like body aches and chills and a fever. It literally felt like it came out no where, and it went from a 0 to a 10.

First, I went to my chiropractor and got an adjustment and dry heat therapy. Then I went to Juice Life, and got enough juices for the weekend that included juices with extra citrus juice, elderberry juice, greens and all the other colors of the rainbow, and then I had a colleague do a remote Body Code Session on me.

Then, I went home and felt like I had died in misery. I rested, drank my raw juice, took elderberry syrup, and by Monday, I was back to myself! I got through it and it went away more quickly than when I have been on antibiotics.

From then on, I drank shots of elderberry syrup daily, elderberry juices at least a few times a week, and maintained eating my pleaser foods (from my Your Best Self: Freedom Living Self-Paced Course) even through the holidays and all the temptations, and I never got sick.

Now, I take Elderberry Elixer at least 5-7 times per week. I add it to my morning water or juice and it tastes great and keeps me well. This builds up my immune system making it harder to get sick. It also lessens the symptoms of a cold or flu or sinus infection."

Now, I'm not saying don't go to a doctor, but my testimony is that I was able to treat and avoid a anti-biotic. I am healing from leaky gut, so it's important to me try all natural means first to support my gut.

Here's the Earthley link to what I take: CLICK HERE

Click HERE to order yours. If you are a new customer, use the code: newtoearthley for 10% off your first purchase. While you are there, browse around. I use their tinctures and creams and hair and skin care and nutritional support.

Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram as I will be sharing more about immune support through the fall.

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