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FAQ: Do You ONLY Eat Salads or Drink Raw Juice?

The short answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do follow my pleaser foods and stay away from my reject foods and focus on feeding my body the fuel it needs to thrive, but I do not just eat salads and drink raw juice!!  I love those but that's not all I eat! I eat the large majority of my food unprocessed, but you know sometimes, we want a treat, or something different. For me, it's about finding substitutions that are healthy and going to allow me to continue to fit into my size 4 jeans because after wearing 20W jeans, that's probably a bigger accomplishment than every degree and certification I have received. I'm not going to mess that up!!!!

I actually want to share with you some of my favorite packaged foods! When most people are focusing on reversing their health or releasing weight, they believe they will never eat cake again, but that's not true! I just had a 1/2 piece of pumpkin roll after dinner! I really believe if you have or had a favorite food before you started your health journey, there is a healthy alternative, and I am going to share with you some of my favorites now!

Protein Bars

I love protein bars for a on the go snack or meal replacement and keep one in the car or my gym bag. Nothing is more frustrating than to take my supplements at 5 in the morning and be nauseated by the time I get to the gym and have to teach class without any kind of food on hand so these are my emergency go to's. This Bulletproof brand is my favorite protein bar. It has good brain fuel, clean ingredients, and tastes great.

Favorite Cookies

So, I have a sweet tooth and you are about to see my extensive list of favorite sweets. Don't say I didn't warn ya! These Lillabee cookies win best overall because Hubby, who in no way cares about eating healthy really likes these and the ingredients are good and clean. The mint is my favorite flavor because, well, I love mint!

So, the next brand of cookie I'm going to share, I'm going to be transparent. These Simple Mills cookies are the best cookies ever. They are so good that I actually struggle with gluttony with these and don't make these more than probably once a year, because they can throw me off track kinda easily. But Simple Miolls cookies has the most amazing taste. Their products are good y'all. Too good!!!!! Just set an intention to honor your body and only eat one serving or less a day and you will be fine!

Granola/Cereal It's hard to find pre-made granola that is healthy. Let's face it. Most granola are broken, sad cookies that didn't make the cut. They are hanging out with the muffins who aspire to be cupcakes at the punch bowl at the school dance. They didn't get chosen by the real desserts so they are fake healthy foods. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!  This granola is AMAZING!!!  It is actually healthy!!  It's not a broken, sad cookie and it's soooo good!!  I personally order it from Amazon because it's just easier to find there! Grab you a couple of bags and eat it with your peanut butter, almond milk or your yogurt, or really, join me, and eat it straight from the bag!

Chips Oh Hey, Taco Tuesday! You still my Babe because um, wow, these Siete Grain-Free Tortilla Chips make Taco Tuesday the best day out of the week. Maybe Taco Tuesday is already the best day of the week, but these chips are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!  Another food that I have to personally be careful with. I have to watch portions and pair with a fat so that I don't eat the whole bag. I'm not gonna lie. I could. I almost did once, while at the beach, and I confessed. Now, I must pray and ask for Holy Spirit guidance before eating these. I'm not kidding. They are that good, and I really need help from Him to not overeat these.

Another chip type snack I found recently, that is completely hubby approved, are these yummy Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs. They are the perfect snack in place of popcorn or chips and are much healthier. I found the best price for them is at Thrive. We have been very happy with our Thrive membership, and like the prices, the free shipping, the special deals and the variety. If you would like a membership referral, use my link to sign up!

Moon Cheese Ok, y'all, I didn't know how to categorize this next one. Heaven? Chip but not really? Crunchy Snack?  Goodness in a bag? Anyway, I settled on Genius Crunchy Little Gifts!! These Gouda Moon Cheese snacks are delicous! Whatever category you want to give them, they are crunchy, and taste amazing straight out of the bag, but I tried something new this week, and YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!  I'm not kidding!!!  Guys!!! This was a game changer. Go make your favorite chili right now (I made chicken chili) and top with these. You're welcome. No, seriously, you are going to be thanking me. These are sooo good!!!!!!!!!


You know I wasn't gonna leave you hanging?! Of course, I'm gonna share my favorite pizza with you!!!  I can find this pizza at Whole Foods and Publix, and I'm not sure where else it is sold. I can promise you that when you take a bite, you won't miss the flavor at all!!!!  It's so good!! Hello, Friday Night Pizza night!

Baking Mixes

Around the holidays, especially, I like to have baking mixes on hand. Most people aren't making grain free, sugar free desserts so being able to make what I want and prefer makes it a lot easier and more enjoyable. These Simple Mills Pumpkin Muffin mixes are perfect for making pumpkin bread and muffins and are super tasty and healthy!

These Swerve Brownie Mixes are also super tasty and healthy and the perfect snack to take to any holiday party, to have on the weekends or to make for a birthday treat! They are easy to make and they are hubby approved which means even those who aren't eliminating grains and sugar will love them!

Do I eat these foods everyday?  NO!!!!  And I caution you to make sure these don't become foods you eat everyday. They should be enjoyed on occasion, and limited. But, having a healthy option for moderation is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just remember, eating healthy and living healthy is not a punishment and can be enjoyed! 

Want to know the top 10 worst ingredients to look for in packaged food?

Here they are in no certain order:

  1. Gluten

  2. Sugar

  3. MSG

  4. Soy

  5. Corn

  6. Vegetable Oils

  7. Artificial Sweeteners

  8. Maltodextrin

  9. "Natural Flavors"

  10. Artificial Food Coloring

Stay away from these ingredients and you will be on your way to a healthier you!

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