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Encountering Jesus

God gave me a huge revelation last night that I will be sharing soon.

💗In the meantime, what has God spoken to you this week? Comment below with what He is speaking.

☀️If you struggle with this, I will share some links below to support you with entering in a encounter.

Earlier this week, I was sitting with Jesus in a encounter, and He told me He was supporting me, that He had me.

This revelation helped me drop all the tension, release doubt and worry and just be in His presence. I was able to sit with Him, soak up His presence, and live in His love.

Trauma can cause us to feel unsupported and can manifest in sacral chakra imbalance, sciatica, lower back pain, ans muscle spasms in the back. But when we are able to live in the abundance of knowing we are supported, we truly heal.

By allowing ourselves to be held by Jesus, we can free ourselves from the physical and emotional pain and live in His abundance.


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