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Embrace Your Authentic Self Through Style and Fashion Healing

Have you found yourself living your authentic self, or perhaps did you wake up in your 40's and realize that you have only just begun to live your authentic self and that you spent close to 40 years being the person everyone wanted you to be?

Reflecting on your childhood and realize that you can see the exact age you stopped being the authentic you.

Did you change your personality as a child to not be seen or to not get in trouble or to survive trauma? Did you stop wearing certain colors of clothing to hid, to become invisible, to appear as a different type of person? Did you lose a love for a hobby because it wasn't acceptable, or practical?

I have spent approximately 13 years in the holistic world, healing myself and many clients throughout the years, but it has only been recently that my whole world expanded with a greatness of love and excitement and creativity and joy like never before.

It wasn't finding the last emotion to release, and it wasn't finding a body system to correct. It wasn't a meal plan or a detox protocol or the latest herbal tincture. In fact, those things pale in comparison to the power of unleashing your inner essence, embracing your true nature.

I was typed in Carol Tuttle's program after a year of believing I was another type and trying to dress and be someone else. However, I have spent quite a few decades already doing this, whether it was to be taken seriously in a career, or to fit in with the legalistic crowd at school, or just wanting to hide because my personality felt "too much".

When I began to reflect back through my life, I saw many times that I had "worn a mask", pretending to be like everyone else, yet fading away in my physical body with chronic autoimmune symptoms, including chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr, and more.

I wore all black for different management positions, to hide the cheerful, creative buoyant woman God made me to be, always careful to hide to prevent being manipulated or not treated respectfully.

My mom always believed my calling was to go on to become a fashion designer or a buyer for a large department store. Fashion is literally my passion.

I can recall my young adult self losing the love for fashion for a while, in a desperation to survive as a single working female. It felt frivolous to think about fashion even, when I worked with people who were just trying to survive their mental health symptoms.

I found an outlet at one point that should have been another clue of where my passion really is, when I was able to be part of Dress for Success. I took so many homeless and under housed women there and helped them obtain free interview outfits and work attire and watched their faces light up every time with excitement and joy and enthusiasm. I watched how one gently used and donated outfit turned their worried faces of concern of "Will I ever get a job" turn to "I am ready to rock this interview!” I watched emotions shift to excitement and gratitude and hope for a better future.

I did not realize at the time just how passionate I was about fashion. I had forgotten how God had given me such a passion and a talent to use for His glory, and had been trying to be the person everyone wanted me to be. Well, except my mom. She has always seen it.

I remember when I created a sock brand, and went to the Atlanta Apparel Market as a vendor for the first time. I couldn’t help but be in awe that here I was, although not designing apparel, but I was a vendor and I had the cutest socks set up in my displays, that I designed. What an amazing experience!

Some days, it’s surreal. Do you have that passion that you feel no one else understands? And you have to bottle it, because who would want to talk about it with you for hours? If that is you, I see you. I am there with you!

What does this mean for me moving forward? I’m not really sure. I do know that when I get to help my clients identify who they truly are and help them unlock it and see their confidence soar, I get super giddy. Like I have found my life’s work. I love seeing my clients release the stress of trying to be someone else and to begin to embrace who they are. That speeds up the healing more than a supplement or protocol ever will.

I love seeing my clients release the stress of trying to be someone else and to begin to embrace who they are.

And helping clients, find the outfits and shades and styles that support them with releasing their trauma, giving them confidence, and helping them unpack emotional baggage….well, I’m not sure words can describe how grateful and excited I get. It’s those sessions, where I’m just like “Thank you God. You called me to do this.”

Healing can look different for everyone. Some of you will find it in your fashion like I did, and others may find it in the other tools I offer, such as emotional release, tapping, visualization, etc. The important piece is to follow the journey that really lets you be exactly who God created you to be.

And if can help you uncover who you are, the amazing attributes that are waiting to shine to the world, I'm your girl, and I'm here to help. Nothing would excite me more than to see the dis-ease, emotional issues completely melt off you as you glow with excitement in embracing who you really are. The world needs your glowing, amazing, beautiful self!

Would you like some quick, easy fashion pointers to help you begin dressing for success?

Start by downloading my free guide with some easy, quick tips that will help you use fashion as a tool for emotional and physical growth.

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