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Breaking Free from Inherited Anxiety and Depression: A Personal Journey to Healing

Have you ever wondered if anxiety and depression could be passed down through generations, ingrained in your DNA? I'm Amanda Surratt, and today I want to share my own experience of facing and healing anxiety and depression that were deeply rooted in my family's history.

Is Anxiety Genetic?

The scientific community is increasingly finding evidence that mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, can be inherited through DNA. This generational pattern, as I call it, is not just genetic but often ingrained in the culture of a family. Growing up, I not only inherited them genetically, as even found recently in my DNA test, but I also battled beliefs around unworthinness and not being accepted, as a pastor's child, in the local church.

Understanding the Family History:

To grasp the impact of generational anxiety and depression, I encourage you to muscle test your family tree to determine if and which side your ancestors experienced anxiety and depression, and how many generations it occured. In my case, alcoholism is prevalant on one side of my family, which often times is a self medicating coping skill to manage anxiety and depression.

The Healing Process

While the generational pattern can seem like a life-sentence, I made a conscious choice not to accept it as my destiny. I decided I would be healed of this and I would turn off these genetics, and that is exactly what I did.

The first step in healing is acknowledging that you are the holder of the genetic expression but also you get to be the Canceller. Is that even a word?! You get the idea. You get to be the one to break the generational chains of depression and anxiety.

By becoming aware and choosing to break free from it, you open the door to healing not only for yourself but for future generations.

Accepting the Generational Pattern

The journey toward healing begins with accepting the genetic pattern. Recognize that you have the power to change it and create a different path for your family. I made this choice years ago, when I read Scriptures from the Bible in God's Creative Power by Charles Capps that Jesus had already healed me of anxiety and depression before I was ever born. I just have to refuse to settle for a life compromised by anxiety and depression and receive the healing. Through intention and action, I am choosing to live healed everyday, and you can too.

Tools and Support

To aid in the healing process, consider seeking proper tools and support. At I offer one-on-one healing sessions, called Abundance Sessions, designed to help you uncover these generational root causes of depression and anxiety. With the right tools and belief in the possibility of change, you can transform your family's generational pattern.

Visualization for Healing

Incorporate visualization into your healing journey. Envision yourself standing among your ancestors, surrounded by their support. Hand over the weighted baggage to Jesus, allowing this generational energy to dissolve.

Breaking free from generational anxiety and depression requires awareness, choice, and belief in the possibility of change. By acknowledging the inherited pattern, making a conscious choice to heal, and seeking the right tools and support, you can pave the way for a brighter, more resilient future.

Join me in choosing to heal the generational pattern and create a legacy of well-being for yourself and generations to come.

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