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A Guide to Resolving Repeated Pathogens (Lyme, Mold, Parasites, Fungal, EBV, and more)

What if your body was taken over by hidden viruses, mold, fungus, bad bacteria because your body's energy is dark, heavy, and damp?

Often times, people get these diagnoses and try the physical components first. They order the supplements, start the diet, but never repair the “roadmap”. That's why the pathogens continue to come back with a vengeance.

If you constantly have reoccurrences of Candida, mold, EBV, Lyme, SIBO, let’s explore this together.

What if you have been trying to heal from the outside in and instead of inside out?

What if you have to build new roads, then rewrite a new map, and then take the supplements and do the nutritional changes?

If the roads are faulty and we are trying to get the other side of the state, a new map won’t fix the problem, neither will a new protocol. Not yet, at least.

We need to create new roads to get us there.

We do this by going inward and cleaning out the tendency to have such an environment.

To change the body, we must change the thoughts. Our thoughts cause our bodies to create the chemical reaction.

To change the body, we must change the thoughts.

We can then change how we perceive and believe.

Some ways that do this is first, get in the Word. Learn how to live full of faith. Memorize the Good News of the Bible. If you are struggling, grab your Bible, and Charles Capps book, God's Creative Promise and start digging in and renewing your mind.

Next, pray. Ask for God’s help with your thoughts and beliefs.

Next begin to visualize your inner body transforming from a dark, moldy environment that is a breeding ground for pathogens into a better, healthier environment. My visualization video below will help you with this.

After doing the visualization, come back here, and take note of what have you been feeding your body spiritually, emotionally, physically, or financially that is dark and heavy?

What can you add in, that is light and crisp?

Below, I offer a sample of ideas for you to test on yourself and see which ones feel heavy for you and which ones feel light and crisp? Feel free to add your own!

If you would like to take this to the next level, in my course, Abundant, Body Regulation, you get a whole training on this, where I teach you how to identify, resolve and add in what you need to balance this, along with an expanded list.

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