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4 Tips For Dressing For Your True Self

Updated: Jan 8

I had the privilege of being "typed" or "truth bombed" this past year by Carol Tuttle, in her Facebook group, after finding her a year before. She typed me as a 1 which confirmed what I felt like I was in my spirit. Type 1's are animated. They wear tints, and clothing with upward movement. Their nature is very creative, bouncy, animated.  

Getting typed opened up a whole new world for me. I remember thinking so many times “You mean I get to be me?!”

When I learned about my type, all of a sudden glitter and sequins and metallic gold jeggings and sweaters with cherries aren’t silly for my type. It’s who I am. It’s my nature.

I began to have revelations about what beliefs led me to my nature. I remember my mom calling my choice of clothing a “Floars” trait in a jovial way (her maiden name), and dressing with style as a child.

I distinctly remember being around age 5 and shopping with my mom and aunt and one of them pointing out that everything I was picking out was pink and purple. I remember grudgingly picking out a blue outfit and a yellow outfit “to make them happy”. I know as an adult, they meant nothing negative by it, but it was my first memory of feeling the need to tone down who I was.

In middle school, I eagerly read Seventeen magazine and was fascinated with style like it was a hobby, even though going to a strict Christian school, I wasn’t really allowed to express myself.

The browns were in, during my high school years, and I definitely didn’t know back then how to dress my nature. So, I wore a lot of type 3 browns to “be in style”.

It’s interesting, my favorite pieces of clothing through the years were type 1 pieces. Those were always my favorites, and it was like I had this false self belief I was carrying, that I wasn’t worthy to have too many pieces I really loved. 

I look back at pictures and can see where I hid my personality to work careers that didn’t fit my personality. I wore a LOT of black, and other type 4 colors to be “taken seriously”. Also, the work I found myself doing at times led to me working with Department of Public Safety and offenders, and it didn’t seem “safe” to show up in bright tints, bringing attention to myself. 

This brought me to a conversation with a friend, who is a bit older than me. In the past, up until social media gave an opportunity for women to create the career of their dreams, many women, myself included, found ourselves in careers because it fit our degree, and they offered us a job and a paycheck. 

Many of us hid our true nature in order to pay the bills. Looking at the classified ads, there weren’t many ads for women who were buoyant,  animated, bright, bouncy, creative with more ideas than possible to carry out. 

We needed to pay for our bills and live.

So, many of us settled.

Along the way, around 2011, I made a decision I would work from home and I would be a holistic life coach. This was before coaching was a thing. I knew in my heart that was my passion, and 9 years after graduating from college, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

From there, I began coaching on the side, and went on to become certified in Holistic Life Coaching, The Emotion Code, The Body Code,  Trauma Healing, Holistic Health Coaching, and other certifications, where I gained a multitude of tools including energy balancing, muscle testing, body system regulation, visualization, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, tapping, Human Design, Gene Keys, affirmation, somatic release, neuroplasticity, and more. I have had a private practice for 10+ years.

With the confirming of being a Type 1 and the empowerment that came with it, I finally said "Yes" to creating my own coaching program and teaching people how to muscle test and how to do what I do when I work with people. Many noticed that although I have tons of training, I took the training and my own personal downloads from God and have a unique way of working with people that gets results. So, I agreed and that program, Abundant Body Regulation was born.

From there, I said "Yes" to the true me. I hired a coach, I joined a group coaching program, I hired a business coach, I joined the city pool, I joined a painting membership club.

I was free to be me: to laugh, to play, to show up styled, to feel comfortable with being seen. 

My perspective on life changed because I was no longer hiding and trying to subconsciously be someone else’s type. 

My physical and emotional health shifted with this. I really truly started living, at 43 years old.

I just get to be me. Everyday. And my type is amazing and fun and playful and light. And that is enough.

I am so grateful everyday that I said yes to being typed, that I trusted the process, and that I learned to embrace me 100%. 

I look forward to experiencing more of what being a Type 1 woman is and the doors that open because of it.

Tips for Dressing as Your True Self:

1. You can begin to find your style with answering these questions:

  • Notice what you are drawn to. Does it evoke more shades, tints, hue or pure color?

  • What elements of material do you gravitate towards? Smooth, bumpy, hard texture?

  • Which items, when you put them on, give you more energy? Make you feel alive? 

2. Remember your earliest memories as a child. What was your nature? Were you silly? Quiet and reserved? A go-getter? A rule follower? 

3. What kinds of people are you drawn to? Those who are carefree? Those who pay great attention to detail? Those who bulldoze their way through projects? Those who are neat and orderly? 

4. Begin “window shopping” and notice what you love. What are you drawn to? What feels most flattering? What textures do you like?

If you would like to see some of my clothes I have been wearing, checkout my Pinterest board here:

Or you can see them on my Amazon store front here (I am an affiliate and may make a small percentage off purchases). As I purchase items from Amazon and love them, I then add them to my storefront.

I'm not saying clothing repairs our inner wounds. But it can be a thermometer of our inner health. How we show up can tell a lot about how we value ourselves and others. Do we value ourselves enough to put on our best? Do we believe we are worthy to show up as our true selves?

What pieces and styles excite you? What is the one piece you absolutely love to wear?!

Much Love,

Amanda Surratt, BS, CECP, CBCP, CHLC, CHHC

Holistic Health Practitioner

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